IP68 LED Submersible Light for Fish Attracting, Attracting Fish with Light, Underwater Light

IP68 LED Submersible Light for Fish Attracting, Attracting Fish with Light, Underwater Light

Leaf Libery new product&comma LED Underwater fishing gentle-To entice much more fish 

we have lastly build a complete line of fishing draw in lights utilised in underwater or above water &interval
now you can have it all&excl
Our committed R&D staff has just rolled out a new Substantial POWERED LED&comma above water fishing lights&time period This new line of lights from 8W to 1400W &comma absolutely waterproof ip68&time period Fish Attractant Lights Merchandise from CZPT Fish Attractant Lights Suppliers and Fish Attractant Lights Companies

A fishing mild attractor is a fishing aid which uses lights attached to composition previously mentioned h2o or suspended underwater to draw in both fish and users of their food chain to specific areas in get to harvest them&interval

IP68 led submersible light-weight for fish attracting &comma Attracting fish with light &commaunderwater light  Features&colon
Lumen    “White&colon 25712 LM  Green&colon 10965 LM   
Beam Angle&colon 360°
Lighting efficiency&colon90&percnt
IP Charge&colonIP68
cable duration&colon6M
Working temperature &lparin drinking water&rpar≤30ºC
Packing Size&lparcm&rpar&colon30&ast21&ast13cm
Lifestyle span&colon30000 Hrs
Warrenty &colon2 years 

1&time period 12V underwater lights attract various fish and other species&time period
two&time period 360 angle LED Fishing Light &lpar360 degree view&rpar
3&period Can be used both in clean water and salty water&period of time
four&period IP68 water-resistant design for underwater fishing
five&period Underwater and very good Fishing Gentle for catching baits and squids&period of time
White light mainly for CZPT goal
Blue light mainly for Prawns and fish
Inexperienced light mainly for squid and so forth
Yellow light mainly for Topmouth culter&comma Hemiculter and fish&interval
IP68 led submersible light for fish attracting &comma Attracting fish with mild &commaunderwater light  Application
Fishing&colon installed on the boat to entice the fishes when fishing in the sea&time period

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IP68 led submersible mild for fish attracting &comma Attracting fish with gentle &commaunderwater light  Keywords &colon 

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Leaf Libery Team Co&interval&commaltd item are &colonLED fish attracting gentle&comma 8W&comma18W&comma30W&comma60W&comma90W DC12-24V &period 850W&comma1750W&comma2500W LED deep coean fishing mild&time period Par56 Swimming Pool Gentle&commaSwimming Pool Light&commaIP68 stripes for pool&Spa&commaWall-mounting Pool Lamp&commaCOB Par56 Pool Mild&commaHigh Electricity Par56 Light-weight&commaSMD Par56 Gentle&comma Wall-mounting pool lights&commaLED Inground Light-weight&commaLED Deck Gentle&commaLED underground light-weight&commaFountain mild&commaUnderwater light&commaWall Washer Light-weight&commaLED flood gentle

IP68 LED Submersible Light for Fish Attracting, Attracting Fish with Light, Underwater Light